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Supported ERPs

Kanbina's AI Platform-as-a-Service has been built to include powerful API integrations for a wide range of ERP applications. 


Our API integrations fully support mature and bespoke accounting processes for our full product range, with error handling and notifications throughout.

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We're continually releasing new APIs for both new and existing ERPs, so if your ERP system is not on the list, contact us and we'll be happy to confirm if it's on our current roadmap.

Other Supported Business Applications:


  • Coupa

  • Advectus

  • Request Network

Banking & Settlements

  • BottomLine

  • Kyriba

Kanbina has a robust onboarding process for new ERPs, coupled with award-winning security and resilience, meaning you don't have to commit project time and resource on the API process.


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