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Connecting Dots

Hyperautomation for Shared Services & BPO

Kanbina’s AI platform is uniquely positioned to enable Finance Process hyperautomation in the most demanding of shared service and BPO operations, be they single-country, global, or multi-company/multi-client.  


With Machine Learning at its core, Kanbina’s AI platform frees users to concentrate on elevating customer experience and overseeing automation performance, across end-to-end processes such as S2P/P2P or components of those processes such as Accounts Payables.

Kanbina AI for Shared Services delivers:

Productivity gains of 80% + 

Continually learns & improves from user engagement

Covers all processing scenarios

Our single application performs all the tasks that usually takes multiple users and software to complete:


  • Integrates directly into your existing AP mailboxes

  • Extracts data from documents with zero keying

  • Uses your own systems of record

  • Extracts all the data from documents including line-item details

  • Coding Automation including complex rules

  • Performs accounting tasks such as prepayments

  • Single Page application makes the process even faster

  • Identifies and workflows errors

  • Completely digitalised process and auditability

  • Complete visibility over all the processing domains

  • Reporting, Insights and KPI’s through power BI

  • End-end-process integration and support


Kanbina AI is a multi-tenanted permissions-based cloud platform which connects client ERP & accounting systems to sophisticated Machine Learning models, providing unparalleled efficiency and transparency in processes such as AP, Reconciliations, and AR, designed and built for Shared Services.

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