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Case Study

AP, Shipping & Supply Chain

Machine Arm Assembling Car
Together with a new ERP system, Kanbina AP massively improved international finance and shipping processes with complex supply chains

Customer Challenge

This pan European Automotive company selected NetSuite as its new ERP system and the challenge was to align its AP processes.

The existing AP system was based on OCR technology from one vendor and a workflow engine from another. This system was slow, had lots of process breaks and a high TCO.

Invoices were processed in multiple languages, including European and Japanese, and this meant there was a large number of people involved in the AP process.

Solution Provided

The solution provided an AP and Shipping service managed from a single page application, set up for multiple AP teams, with data extracted from invoices in any language, using machine learning, and automated matching to complex car parts, organisation entities at both line and header level, again using machine learning.

PO diligence was achieved, without the use of POs, which suited the high volume, auto parts requirement. The automation of non-compliant invoices is also an important feature as this allows other workflows to kick off again relieving pressure of staff.

Kanbina went live at the same time as NetSuite was deployed into different countries with little effort as Kanbina is automatically calibrated with NetSuite data, without the need for more work.

Impact of Solution

The customer was able to retire a solution from 2 vendors that was expensive, both in license and IT support costs.

It was also able to improve the productivity and the number of people involved in what was historically a protracted process.

It was also able to remove a language constraint on who was working in AP as Kanbina reads multiple languages. Processing can continue automatically without interruption end-to-end.

Impact of Solution

Intelligent Document Processing, Kanbina AP and NetSuite Shipping module

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