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Connecting Dots

Hyperautomation for Advanced Inventory

Advanced inventory management deals with requirements to trace components into inventory and automate replenishment. Serialization is a way to track the purchase and sale of physical inventory items by assigning a number to each item. Managing inventory can quickly expand to hundreds of thousands of items. As the volumes increase you can use serialization with bin management.

These tasks are automated as an extension of Kanbina Accounts Payables service by processing of serial numbers in and out of inventory from suppliers and intercompany movements.

Productivity gains of 80% + 

Continually learns & improves from user engagement

Simplifies a task prone to human error and control breaks

Our single application performs all the tasks that usually takes multiple users and software to complete:


  • Integrates directly into your existing AP mailboxes

  • Extracts data from documents with zero keying

  • Uses your own systems of record

  • Extracts all the data from documents including line-item details

  • Coding Automation including complex rules

  • Performs accounting tasks such as prepayments

  • Single Page application makes the process even faster

  • Identifies and workflows errors

  • Completely digitalised process and auditability

  • Complete visibility over all the processing domains

  • Reporting, Insights and KPI’s through power BI

  • End-end-process integration and support


Kanbina AI is a multi-tenanted permissions-based cloud platform which connects client ERP & accounting systems to sophisticated Machine Learning models, providing unparalleled efficiency and transparency in processes such as AP, Reconciliations, and AR, designed and built for Shared Services.

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