MLPA [Machine Learning Process Automation]
The Intelligent way to automate Finance

The advent of MLPA heralds a step change in productivity across Enterprise processes and data silos.  Kanbina’s MLPA platform has been specifically Built-for-Finance.

Most organisations use a wide variety of applications to underpin their business and finance operations. This often includes a mix of SaaS ERP, EPM and other Financial Tools, as well as legacy on-premise ERP, ledgers, spreadsheets, time management, billing, and project accounting systems, not to mention proprietary Line of Business systems. This creates data silos and process breaks that undermine the effectiveness of the Enterprise.

Kanbina’s MLPA platform has been designed to enable high performing Finance teams to join the silos, remove the breaks and create powerful end-to-end business processes.

If you would like to learn more about leveraging the Kanbina platform to build bespoke Machine Learning models and integrations to automate specific processes out with our current product line, please contact us here for details.


The next step Digital Transformation 

Sweat your assets

Our machine learning models offer a low cost and light touch way to remove manual interventions

Now more than ever, businesses and organisations need to get more bang for their buck.

MLPA is the next step on from Robotic Process Automation, being a more advanced and modern technology. Machine Learning Process Automation uses your data to realise automation, rather than the UI of your applications; removing the ongoing need to repurpose bots every time you upgrade your applications or operating systems. As a consequence, MLPA is a lower cost service, and avoids the governance, security and maintenance burden of RPA..

Kanbina MLPA enables clients with complex legacy or multi-ERP environments to obtain enhanced levels of automation and efficiency without the need for a costly, big bang ERP replacement programme.


AI Advisory

AI/ML Design, Delivery and Governance Experts

Our AI experts design and build models that remove process inefficiencies

Kanbina can be commissioned to provide advisory services on adopting AI in Finance.


Whether it’s to upskill accounting and IT staff, provide mentoring to leadership teams, build business cases or deliver project governance for wider enterprise initiatives, our consulting practice is on hand, equipped with a deep practical, technical and critically, a socially responsible appreciation of the challenges organisations face in adopting sustainable AI solutions.


Costs, Performance and Resilience

70% cost reduction, 90% productivity and a Social Distance policy

Pricing can be based on either a cost-per-machine learning model or contracted as a MLPA Service. The number of machine learning models can be increased as more improvements become apparent with experience in production.


Ask for more information, a Demonstration and/or our AI Skills Training

Find out how AI machine learning is good for finance accounting and your skills

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