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Connecting Dots


Accounts Payable

Connecting customer ERP and Finance Systems to powerful machine learning models, within a single application; Kanbina AP hyperautomates the end-to-end digital journey of your accounts payable invoices. 


No matter what type of invoices are received and in what format, Kanbina uses your system of record to match and code each individual line item precisely to your own coding dimensions.  Our API’s seamlessly orchestrate the digital journey to receive, process then send the complete and accurate transaction directly to your ERP along with the source document(s). Our Intelligent Document Processing platform underpins Kanbina AP.  

The whole end-to-end process is completely digitalised, conforms to your processes / controls and is completed in minutes, whilst ensuring you have complete visibility and control over the documents’ digital journey and makes Straight Through Processing possible.  



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Why use Kanbina for accounts payable? 

Reduce operational costs by up to 70%

Touchless invoice management

Scale without adding more staff

Deployed in as little as two weeks

Get approvals via mobile, email and chat

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