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Vendor to Pay Solution

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Kanbina's AI based innovations cover the complete Vendor-to-Pay process. 

Kanbina's AI based innovations cover the complete Vendor-to-Pay process. Kanbina offers a unified experience for AI based automation and exception management over all transactional work leveraging your ERP data. Kanbina AP, AR and Reconcile services are complemented with the service below to offer the end-to-end Vendor to Pay process. 

  1. Vendor – Onboard vendors, with automated compliance checks such as company registration, HMRC, credit, bank and sanctions.

  2. Payments – surface your payment positions in Kanbina from fast reconciliations, integrated into the new Payments engine from NetSuite

  3. Message Centre - now management can directly issue second order instructions and actions to their staff in transaction processes, compliance takes a step upd breaking as it identifies breaks in process and accounts ​

The Vendor-to-Pay process is done from the single page Kanbina application to give the user a fast and fluent experience, supplemented with Business Intelligence for Assurance and Audit. 

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