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Intelligent Document Processing

Kanbina's Artificial Intelligence platform has been designed to minimise the time our clients spend manually processing documents. 

Our smart Machine Learning models, read, contextualise, and extract data from any document.  Whether it is an invoice, lease, credit card or contract, Kanbina will transform this data into financial records and business information for your ERP and business applications. 

Designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing application landscape, Kanbina enables organisations of any size to effortlessly add Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to their existing workflows, delivering a rapid return on investment through immediate operational efficiencies. 

Kanbina's flexible data extraction models can be tailored to meet specific requirements, all under your complete control, within a single UI.

Examples of IDP include:

  • Extension of our AP service where additional information is extracted and coded for financial transactions such as expenses, remittances, and delivery records

  • Customer orders being received into Kanbina, read, then coded as sales orders and AR transactions

  • Vendor contract documents being received into Kanbina, read, then coded for legal obligations, so payment, risk and compliance are managed

  • Service providers that process tax forms and need to code obligations, payments and liabilities

Each solution is designed specifically to accommodate your own processes and data requirements using Kanbina’s proprietary technology, with the end-to-end process entirely supported within the Kanbina platform.

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