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Connecting Dots



Kanbina Approvals enables control and governance across all Kanbina’s transactional products and solutions. An authority schedule deals with as many approvers as needed, with as many approval levels as suits your financial controls and with fine grain settings over financial limits and coding dimensions. Works on all devices including mobiles.

Why use Kanbina for approvals?

Fine grain Control and Traceability

Control who can approve, their approval or rejection, change approvers mid process, identify delays, trace into your ERPs, and use analytics to speed the process

Cover 3rd Party Logistics, Procurement and Operations

Manage compliance issues such as deviation from PO controls, contract prices, storage, warehousing, and shipping costs. Use your ERP based authority schedules in Kanbina Approvals

Extensible to other use cases across the Enterprise

  • Extend Approvals so suppliers can check on their invoice status and history online

  • Create new suppliers with credit checks, master data set up and approve at speed

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