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Supported ERP



Kanbina supports a custom-built deep Maconomy integration for its AI platform, in turn allowing Maconomy users to leverage next generation automation.

Known for its strength as a project-centric ERP system, and with particular focus on the professional services and media sectors, Maconomy has its roots in some of the most innovative organisations in the world.

Kanbina's Accounts Payable software is a turnkey solution that's quickly and easily deployed. Our APIs pass data in real-time, and in under 2 minutes, match extracts with financial transactions and the physical document – with the software drawing on its AI to receive, extract and transact straight into Maconomy automatically.

Built from the ground-up as a native Cloud SaaS solution, Kanbina is low cost, non-invasive and easy to implement, with features tailored specifically for Maconomy:

  • Vendor / Subsidiary Identification

  • Item Coding

  • Expense Coding

  • Entity Matching

  • Project Matching

  • Purchase Order Matching

  • Prepayments

  • VAT Coding & Validation

  • Dimension Rules

  • Inter-Company Invoicing

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