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Intelligent Document Processing

Kanbina’s proprietary, cloud Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform enables our customers to do away with manual processing in Finance and the Back Office. 

Designed to accelerate the creation of custom Machine Learning models, our non-invasive AI platform simplifies the deployment of bespoke document processing solutions.  

Companies of all sizes can leverage the Kanbina AI platform to tackle complex automation use cases and achieve straight through processing, benefitting from bespoke Machine Learning solutions built to their own exacting requirements.  

Kanbina AI never stops learning. The platform is dynamic and self-training, able to adapt to new document types without the need for new models or templates, providing unparalleled accuracy.  

Unstructured and semi-structured data from documents such as Accounts Payable invoices, customer Purchase Orders, vendor and customer statements, contracts and leases, can be extracted by Machine Learning, and transformed into records, transactions and information within your ERP and supporting systems, no-touch or low-touch, based on your own desired parameters for user intervention.  

Digital Transformation made possible.

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