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Public service organisations can access Kanbina through both G-Cloud and SPARK Frameworks. G-Cloud offer access to cloud based services and SPARK to innovation technology. Kanbina is a cloud and technology AI innovator on both frameworks.

Buying services through the G-Cloud framework

Public Sector can use the Marketplace to buy cloud services through the G-Cloud framework. All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace. There are many suppliers on the G-Cloud framework but few offer AI based software and services as Kanbina does. Please access the Kanbina listing on the Digital Marketplace here.

Buying services through the Technology Innovation Marketplace

The SPARK framework enables government and public sector to access new and powerful technologies. Kanbina is listed as an innovator in Artificial Intelligence for process and decision automation, intelligent document processing and bespoke solutions. The Dynamic Purchasing System enables access to Kanbina's AI technology with fast and simple procurement. Please access the Kanbina listing on in the SPARK Technology Innovation Marketplace here.


The UK government is making it simple to access AI based services. Kanbina is fast to implement. Why wait?

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