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About Kanbina

Here at Kanbina, our mission is helping companies streamline and automate their transactional finance and accounting tasks. With a perfect blend of AI and Machine Learning technologies, our purpose-built software makes smart accounting decisions and enables low-touch processing.

Our Values




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Focusing on the End-User

With an intuitive single-page UI designed to provide all the information required to complete any task.



Hiring & Developing the Best 

Technology is only as good as the people that build it, our people are continually at the heart of our business.


Embracing & Driving Change

Using technology to help improve manual processes and freeing up workload to focus on what matters.


Thriving on excellence


 Operating at the highest levels of professionalism, using our reputation as a leading indicator of our future success.


Delivering Decisively

The last step in a project is the step we are judged on, we're continually strive to accurately execute on our clients’ needs.

Our People


Our Leadership

Experts at all things AI for Finance

David Brazier.jpg

David Brazier

Director of AI Engineering

Proven technology entrepreneur


Former CTO & Software Engineering Director in Private & Public Sector

Ian Thomson.jpg

Ian Thomson

Director of AI Innovation

Award-winning, visionary technology & business leader


Former Strategy Director Vodafone |

Finance Change Deutsche Bank | Programme Director F-35

Alistair Scott.jpg

Alistair Scott

AI Innovation Consultant

CIMA-qualified Accountant & ERP architecture/delivery expert


Former Head of ERP at Deliveroo & Solution Architect for Oracle NetSuite

Our History


Since its inception in 2017, Kanbina’s accounting intelligence software has been meeting its vision to improve and automate finance processes. Drawing on a vast IT & Operations experience, our founders set about building an invoice-processing model that systematically reduced human touchpoints and improved efficiencies. This technical skillset and passion to improve business process, led them to deliver an accounting intelligence platform that can truly revolutionise finance departments.


In 2019, Kanbina worked with SystemsAccountants to hyper-automate their Finance processes. Using Kanbina’s financial AI software, SystemsAccountants automated their accounts payable and bank reconciliations, to deliver resource and efficiency savings. It quickly became apparent that Kanbina had developed an extremely powerful tool, and within the year, SystemsAccountants became the primary seed investor in Kanbina, providing a launchpad to enhance our products and scale the business.


With 25 years' experience, The SystemsAccountants (SA) Group provides first class recruitment, consulting and business transformation services across hundreds of clients. As a market leader in their field, SA is recognised and accredited as an Alliance Partner by Oracle NetSuite, and a Select Partner of Unit 4.


Using a shared network of clients and a strong and trusted partnership, Kanbina is helping clients across the world move to hyper-automate accounting processes.

Learn more about the SystemsAccountants Group

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