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Connecting Dots


Bank Reconciliations

Kanbina AI has revolutionised how Bank Reconciliations are completed through Artificial Intelligence and cloud technology.


Daily bank reconciliations are now possible at a fraction of the time it usually takes to perform the task, with our automation platform making this possible across the whole of the organisation. Kanbina automatically creates transactions from Statement with unparalleled levels of accuracy and speed.


At the transaction level, Kanbina retains the matching relationship for historical analysis and audit purposes, and our powerful BI reports provide up to the minute KPI's on automation and reconciliation progress.

What's more, Kanbina has a fully compliant integration with the SWIFT network, enabling us to offer a global reconciliation solution. 

Revolutionise your relationship with reconciliations. Choose Kanbina BR



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Why use Kanbina for bank reconciliations?

Real time view showing the automated cash reconciliation position

Creates new transactions for the ledgers - remove 80% of work

Automatically learns your customer payment references & patterns

A global reconciliation service supporting all banks and accounts

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