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Generative AI as a Finance Assistant

AI Innovation

Gen AI Finance Assistants are another form of Software as a Service and can work with, within and/or independently of Kanbina's business applications.

A suitably designed set of private GPTs will significantly improve process and people capabilities in finance and accounting, and in change projects.


Kanbina can set up AI Assistants for Finance, design it to behave as an accountant, address finance scenarios and get it working in practice. The most suitable large language models are assessed and selected from Open AI (ChatGPT), Google (Gemini), Mistral (7B), Meta (Code Llama) or other providers.

The process includes designing and building private GPT models, setting up prompt engineering focused on specific finance process, reporting or analysis, deploying to workflow, embedding in business applications and adding in the governance layer.  The governance layer means that a Gen AI supervisor is also built to enable tracking, control, authorisation and audit of behaviours.

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