Kanbina is ISO27001 Compliant 

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Kanbina provides Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning software and services to mid-market companies, enterprise businesses and government and non-governmental organisations; and does this with the highest levels of security and robustness. Kanbina is compliant to ISO 27001.

We have highly robust information security processes and controls which customers can review in real time, at any time


Software Infrastructure built on Enterprise grade engineering & IT

Best in class security by design across every component  

Enterprise level cloud and software engineering gives security advantages derived from global security intelligence, sophisticated customer-facing controls, and a secure hardened infrastructure from cloud based IT providers.


This powerful software and infrastructure  protects applications and data to the highest security level possible, including  Azure CIS, PCI DSS 3.2, ISO 27001 and SOC TSP


Policies, processes and procedures compliant to

ISO 27001

In addition to oversight of the Azure platform as a service with 3rd party audits, we enhance our security footing with policies, processes and procedures.


These include a software security access control policy, software development life cycle, configuration change management, security risk management and incident management processes and a business continuity plan.

These are monitored in real time in the Security Centre to assure compliance to ISO27001 

Security and IT Dashboards to provide full insight for customer governance functions

The Kanbina Security Center and IT Dashboards enable monitoring of security best practices and compliance across all resources.


This includes managing and enforcing security policies, and making sure compliance is in good order, as well as going deeper into the estate configuration.


Customers can have read access to these Dashboards for full transparency. The data from the Security Centre can also be integrated into client’s Security Information and Event Management systems if this is a requirement

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Engineering and administrative tools to assure secure workflow by our people

The Kanbina AI Platform and Services are built using ASP.NET Core Security. ASP.NET Core enables us to configure and manage security with best in class authentication, authorization, data protection, HTTPS enforcement, app secrets, anti-request forgery protection and CORS management amongst others.


These security features allow us to build and verify robust and secure applications.  This together with a robust toolset enables every aspect of the service to be secure