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Our AI Technology & Processes

Highest Level of Safety, Security & Trust

Kanbina provides Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning software and services and does this with the highest levels of safety, security and trust. Kanbina is compliant to ISO 27001 and aligned to NIST based AI standards

Examples of Kanbina's Microsoft based safety, security and trust model include:

  • Safety by design as Kanbina does not use public data, AI models have narrow tasks, with agreed objectives based on client data and needs

  • Software Infrastructure built on Enterprise grade engineering & IT on one platform, Microsoft Azure

  • Protection of applications and data to the highest security levels, including ISO 27001, SOC2, NIST and OWASP 

  • Highly robust information security and AI design processes and controls which customers can review in real time, at any time

  • Full insight and governance with Security and IT Dashboards, and SIEM integrations 

  • ​​Engineering and administrative tools to assure secure workflow by our people

  • Trusted as AI decisions are surfaced on the application user interface, with transparent analysis of the decision recommendations

  • Trusted as business intelligence surfaces machine learning performance, for analysis by the user, and over time

  • Policies, processes and procedures compliant to ISO 27001 and alignment to AI based NIST standards

These safety, security and trust features allow us to build and verify AI services. Our approach is aligned to the principles of safety, security, and trust as embedded in best practices, regulations and voluntary commitments undertaken by Cloud providers at the behest of the US Government and EU.

Big data and analytics visualization technology with scientist analyzing information struc
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