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Design & Build AI Services across the Enterprise 

Kanbina AI Innovation Platform

Unleash the potential of your business data to transform processes and operations using your own subject matter experts. This is what the Kanbina AI platform will enable when deployed into strategic customers who wish an AI development capability. The data scientist tasks are automated with platform services.  

The Kanbina platform enables AI Innovation, empowering your subject matter experts with fast experimentation, and removing set up and learning costs of AI. Allow business data to create AI services to your own specifications. 


The Data Science tasks are automated such as selecting best models, training data and deploying in experiments. The services are now built by configuration, changing the configuration updates the AI features.


Deploy into operations knowing that all the governance requirements are addressed and your own IT have control. Performance measurement and BI insight into models and accuracy, both secure and scalable come with the service.

Start the journey by considering high level generic use cases and find the cases that solve the big problems in your business. Thes can be process automation based, decision automation based or both. Automate one business process, multiple business processes, document handling, decisions on procedures, standards, regulation and compliance.

Big data and analytics visualization technology with scientist analyzing information struc
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