Supported ERP

Infor M3


Known for its strength as a tier 1 cloud-based manufacturing and distribution ERP system, Infor M3 has deep roots in some of the largest manufacturing organisations in the world. 


Kanbina's Accounts Payable software supports Infor M3 and is able to deliver AI Automation at scale.  Our APIs pass data in real-time, and match exactly based upon the configuration of Infor M3.  A document can be received and processed directly into Infor M3 with very little input from a user, in real time.


Our non-compliance automation layer manages documents in query, sending reminders and notifications automatically to vendors and employees requesting actions.


Built from the ground up using our own technologies, Kanbina is low cost, non-invasive, simple to adopt, with features built specifically to support your Infor M3 instance:

  • Vendor / Subsidiary Identification

  • Item coding

  • Expense coding

  • Entity matching

  • Project matching

  • Purchase Order matching

  • Prepayments

  • VAT coding & validation

  • Dimension rules

  • Inter-company invoicing

  • Freight and logistics costs

  • Accounting rules

  • Fixed Assets