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Connecting Dots


Accounts  Receivable 

Kanbina’s Suite of AI automation products can transform the speed and accuracy of your Accounts Receivable function.  Whether it’s sales order registration, billing or cash allocations, Kanbina’s intelligent document processing, coupled with powerful machine learning models all within a single application, can hyperautomate your AR function.

Why use Kanbina for accounts receivable?

Customer Purchase Order Automation

Kanbina’s AI data extraction models will receive then read customer PO’s directly from your finance email inbox.  Kanbina can then generate a sales order based upon you ERP data.  This minimises errors, freeing up 60%+ time for sales administration.

Customer Billing Automation

Kanbina hyperautomates your customer billing by:

  • identifying rechargeable AP invoices and generating sales invoices automatically

  • reading dockets or delivery notes then generating sales invoices automatically

Cash Allocations

Our cash allocation product is able to match payment advice and statements to your Bank and Accounts Receivable ledger. Our Machine Learning, data extraction models find the customer and transactions to confirm the payment has been received and automatically creates the cash allocation transaction in your ERP.

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