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Continuous Accounting

Solutions for

Continuous Accounting using AI enables financial transactions to be created in real-time or near-real-time, significantly elevating controls for accountants.

AI is sweeping across transactional finance to enable new levels of process and decision automation.  Accounts payable, account receivables ,creating journals, customer payments and transfers, reconciling accounts and bank statements, substantiating records are automated and fast.

The complete chain of transactional finance and the supply chains and internal departments involved in procurement and inventory management can be drawn into achieving continuous accounting and control of expenditures, records and revenues.  

  1. AI based Accounts Payable - Automatically create vendor bills from suppliers, invoices from resellers, process EDI transactions, credits cards and expenses

  2. AI based Accounts Receivables - Automatically create sales orders, recharge time and materials and process debit notes

  3. AI based Reconciliation Controls - Automatically reconcile statements, remittances, accounts and bank, creating and updating transactions as you go to speed the month end close. Large elements of your bookkeeping are driven by these daily controls.

  4. AI based Reporting – As the whole transactional process has been digitised, data is immediate. Drill down from AP,AR and Control summaries to individual transactions, inspect the exception queue, identify hitherto hidden liabilities, get variance recommendations.

The month end work becomes another day in a continuous process where almost all elements of the process happen automatically. This is a super exciting opportunity for finance professionals to grasp the benefits and skills of AI as highlighted by their Accounting Institutes.

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