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Kanbina AI 
for Finance Operations

AI Software & Data driven automation of Finance & Business processes

Empowering Transformation

As a purpose-built Artificial Intelligence platform, Kanbina uses Intelligent Document Processing and Machine Learning technology to increase speed, decision making, accuracy and control and achieve straight through processing throughout finance and business processes. Kanbina does all the processing work and tasks, updates the ERP systems and offers to generate the next set of transactions, all automatically, empowering high level finance skills.

Within a single application, addressing multiple use cases, Kanbina seamlessly transforms documents and data into information, insights and complete financial transactions in your Cloud and on-premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.


Kanbina is a fast and effective way to bring ‘hyperautomation into your finance and back office operations. 



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Our Products

The Kanbina AI platform reduces manual intervention by as much as 80% – thanks to the way it connects client accounting and ERP systems to powerful AI and ML models. Combining AI technologies and intelligent document reading with expert API integrations, all within a single-page UI, Kanbina seamlessly delivers hyperautomation across:

Accounts Payable

Enabling customers to benefit from low-touch and touchless processing.

Bank Reconciliations

Matching bank statements to ERP transactions and automating adjustments in your ledger.

Accounts Receivable

Generating sales orders and invoices has never been simpler. Kanbina can handle your cash allocations.

The approvals features allows control and governance across all of our products:

Approvals via email, mobile or chat with automated notifications


Comprehensive analytics  

Full approval tracking in your ERP


Unlimited number of approval levels

Fully configurable approval fields

Abstract Panels

Intelligent Document Processing

Reducing time sensitive tasks by deploying tactical AI to extract information from documents and generate accounting transactions. Combined with our AI reconciliation services Kanbina makes Continuous Accounting possible.

Trusted and recognised across a broad range of industries

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