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Case Study

Supply Chain

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Complete Visibility of Costs Throughout Your Supply Chain 

Customer Challenge

This manufacturer of fashionable home furnishings was struggling to match 2nd Party Logistics (2PL) and 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) costs and ensure they were correctly costed and maintained by the supply chain.

The challenge was to identify the consignment reference in order to correctly apportion the various logistics, duty and warehousing costs to provide full insight into profitability.

Having moved onto a new ERP system, Oracle Netsuite, it was essential they found a quick-to-deploy solution to correctly identify and register those costs.

​Solution Provided

By utilising Kanbina’s Intelligent Document Processing solution alongside Kanbina AP, Kanbina was able to identify the consignment numbers from 3PL and 2PL invoices and match them appropriately to orders. Using Kanbina’s workflows, notifications were then sent to appropriate supply chain team members informing them of the actual costs. This allowed for immediate feedback to the supply team ensuring that estimated costs could be based on the most immediate information available to ensure maximum accuracy.

Furthermore, where errors are found, the supply chain is able to react immediately and request appropriate credit notes.

Impact of Solution

By incorporating the capture of additional information from invoices, such as consignment number, Kanbina is able to more accurately match costs to the underlying business activity providing clearer insights and more robust financial control.

Technologies Used

Intelligent Document Processing and Kanbina AP

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