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Kanbina-for-Unit4 ERP

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Kanbina is closely aligned to the global Unit4 ERP market due to the heritage of our sister company, SystemsAccountants. 

SystemsAccountants has been providing project resourcing solutions to Unit4 customers in the UK, Europe and Asia for over 15 years; and in North America is an accredited Unit4 consultancy, offering implementation, optimisation, support and training solutions. 

Kanbina selected Unit4 as one of the few ERPs that we have developed pre-built integrations for. Our integration architecture for Unit4 caters for Cloud and On-Prem and works with both public and private APIs. 

Since launching our Unit4 solution we have onboarded multiple Unit4 customers on to the Kanbina platform in the UK and North America.
With market leading levels of accuracy in data extraction and the super high levels of automation enabled by our Machine Learning Models for GL and control field matching, our Built-for-Unit4 AP Automation solution offers rapid ROI, due to quick deployment times, and out-the-box functionality.


Kanbina AP

Al automation for Unit4 Accounts Payable

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Eradicate 90% of your workload Operate remotely
and insource offshored
services without adding staff

Applying a highly sophisticated machine learning model to the task of data extraction, from any type of digital invoice; Al Invoice Extraction is usually working in week 1 of an implementation.

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Deployments are rapid, remote_on all ERP Pages.jpg

Deployments are rapid, remote
& light touch built to work
with your processes

During a typical 2 to 4 week implementation, our engineering and account teams align to your AP team and work with your data and workflows, to train the machine learning models to learn your specific processes.

Kanbina’s Unit4 ready integration is seamless to deploy, and highly resilient. 

We don’t touch your configuration. 

The Kanbina Al platform, has been developed to move your
data into your Unit4 ERP, along your Unit4 workflows; and deals with all your customisations. 

We don’t mess with your Unit4 application. 

ROI is practically instantaneous_on all ERP Pages.jpg

ROI is practically instantaneous
up to 70% cost savings
attainable within weeks

Within a few weeks, your Kanbina AP machine learning models will be live, trained, and doing the mundane, data extraction, inputting and processing work, freeing your Finance team up to do more value adding things.

Shockproof your accounting operations AND do more with less... revolutionise Finance with Kanbina Al.