The most challenging of business requirements are addressed with AI based machine learning, in real time, with agile workflow, that delivers super high levels of automation

AI learns your tasks and carries out accounting processes with intelligence, in real time based on you own master record data, at super high levels of accuracy, with standard and custom machine learning models to cover all your requirements, and leveraging new deep neural network models for further levels of vertical automation and also built on an AI Platform so you can deploy with speed and agility


AI learns your tasks and carries out accounting processes with intelligence

The AI Platform introduces a new, powerful Machine Learning technology layer

The core technology is AI Machine Learning Data Science which we enhance with propriety programs to learn and carry out processing tasks that people currently do.


Thus a new and powerful generation of automation is available for businesses that overcomes the limitations of conventional IT.


AI Machine Learning Data Science continuously learns the tasks so that even as your business changes, the automation self-adapts, and as a computer system it never tires of learning and executing tasks.

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Real time processing decisions based on master record data

The AI Platform enables you to use your
digital data in new powerful ways

Reconciliations are a critical control between bank cash transactions andthose recorded in your ERP system. Kanbina Machine Learning Automation takes the pain out of the daily Bank Rec routine, freeing time, whilst fortifying your financial controls. The Cash Receipting and Bank Recs process become one with instant debtor, creditor, financing and cash flow reports. Machine Learning will also flag up anomalies in these reports so that actions are not missed. 

Super high levels of accuracy due to specialist Machine Learning ML

The AI Platform is built using the most powerful models in the world

The core technology - AI Machine Learning Data Science – is capable of achieving supreme levels of accuracy. Model performance is subject to rigorous benchmarking and assurance tests to verify models are superior to other data science platforms


This involves Machine Learning Models being developed independently by Data Science experts and compared against production services.

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Standard and Custom ML models to cover all your requirements

The AI Platform can adjust to your needs as it
leverages your data and workflows

The core technology - AI Machine Learning Data Science - is set up to address ambitious business requirements. This means that the models themselves are specific to customer needs, and leverage existing and custom built models.


The overlying workflow is also configured to customer requirements, which means your workflow is not changed, just hugely automated so that people do not have to do data processing tasks.

New levels of decision support
automation with Deep
Neural Network models

The AI Platform is constantly improving
with new types of ML

As a leader in the applied application of Machine Learning Models to finance and accounting we run our own R&D Lab. This Lab turns fundamental research in Machine Learning into practical applications.  


The Lab focuses on improvements to document and image reading, process-based automation and management-based decision making and makes use of Deep Neural Networks

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Rock solid levels of security,
privacy and compute power, without costing the earth

The AI Platform is proven in production as robust and resilient

​On the Kanbina AI platform a customer is a cloistered tenant with their own data, models, workflow and user interface. As a cloistered tenant you have the advantage of a bespoke and private system, but the compute power and opex cost base of Software-as-a-Service.