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Supported ERP

Oracle NetSuite


Kanbina has been specially developed to integrate seamlessly with Oracle NetSuite for both Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation automation.

Accounts Payable


Kanbina's Accounts Payable software is a turnkey solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. Our APIs pass data in real-time, matching extracts with financial transactions and the physical document in under 2 minutes. Within 2 weeks, the software draws on its AI to receive, extract and transact automatically straight into Oracle NetSuite.

Built from the ground up, Kanbina is low cost, non-invasive and easy to implement, with its features supporting:

  • Vendor / Subsidiary Identification

  • Item coding

  • Expense / Expense Category coding

  • Entity matching

  • Project matching

  • 2-way-match; 3-way-match

  • Amortisation schedules

  • Landed costs

  • Serialisation matching

  • VAT coding & validation

  • Inter-company invoicing

Bank Reconciliations


Kanbina Bank Reconciliations for NetSuite is available as a turnkey solution and can be deployed in days. Our partnering with BottomLine gives you global coverage for all banks and accounts ensuring an automated, regular reconciliation across your global operations.


Our APIs take banking and NetSuite data before automatically matching and making adjustments for missing transactions.

 Our reconciliation reporting allows you to look-up historical reconciliations and see which bank statement transactions were matched to your general ledger.


With its pre-built integrations, Kanbina brings both strength and depth, with its solutions supporting:


  • General journals

  • Customer payments

  • Bank statement transaction lines

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