The Intelligent way to Automate Finance



The hidden costs of AP.

Manual processes cause major headaches for Accounts Payable operations, including costly keying and paper shuffling, full-time employees wasting a lot of time on low-value tasks, onerous matching of invoices to purchase orders (POs), long approval cycles (late payments and missed discounts), lost invoices, duplicated payments, frequent exceptions, fragmented systems, a lack of financial visibility, and many more...


Leverage Al to do both.

Kanbina AP is our flagship solution. Combining a core ML model with customer specific ML models, it delivers a step change in productivity and costs in Accounts Payables, one of the most time and resource intensive processes in Finance..

Our Al platform has been designed to leverage Machine Learning (ML) and High Performance Computing to completely revolutionise the way finance processes are executed.


Al Services for Core Finance Processes.

Kanbina AP is the leading edge of process automation. 100% native Al technology and leveraging machine learning
models, Kanbina AP executes tasks traditionally done by people such as invoice entry, extraction of line items, PO,
vendor, department, subsidiary, VAT and sales tax, general ledger code matching and data cleansing.

Al Invoice Extraction is working in week 1 of an implementation. There is then a further week to build machine learning models with your ERP data. Deployment, model build and training can be executed remotely.