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AI for Accounting Intelligence

AI learns your ERP tasks and carries out accounting processes with intelligence

Eradicate up to 90% of your workload - a step change in productivity and costs. Scale without adding more staff. Increase operational resilience – insource offshored Accounting Operations without the need to hire. Materially reduce fraud risk. 100% touchless invoice management. Optimise cash flow management. Shift to solving business, rather than processing challenges. Attain world class operational excellence. Operational cost saving potential of up to 70%.


AI Accounts Payable Automation

How it works

Kanbina AP is the leading edge of process automation. 100% native AI technology and leveraging machine learning models, Kanbina AP executes tasks traditionally done by people such as invoice entry, extraction of line items, PO, vendor, department, subsidiary, purchase and sales tax, general ledger code matching and data cleansing.


In this solution diagram you will see invoices are processed automatically including all the matching to master records. Only a control check is required before posting the invoice.  


Our fully scalable, multi-tenant, industrially secure, AI platform is based on Microsoft Azure and models are developed and trained by our specialist data scientists and engineers.


Machine Learning in Real Time

This chart shows machine learning processes and model retraining taking place in Kanbina AP. Invoice data extraction, data matching, data cleansing and controls are carried out as the invoices arrive in your mailboxes. Accuracy is greater than 97%. In the background the ML models are retrained based on this work so they continuously improve.  Your accountants are freed up to do other work as a result.


AI learns your tasks and carries out accounting processes with intelligence

At the heart of Kanbina’s offerings is an AI platform which acts as the control and integration hub for all our Machine Learning models and their interactions with inbound/outbound data such as invoices and client applications such as ERP workflows.

Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Bank Reconciliations | Revenue Growth

Kanbina currently offers 4 key AI Services built to your requirements to remove work that humans do across these key business processes.

Our multi-tenanted AI platform architecture is built on Microsoft Azure, and offers the highest levels of security, privacy and access controls, and resilience available.

Kanbina AI integrates with Cloud and On-Premise ERP systems alike, such as; Oracle NetSuite, SAP Business One, Unit4 BusinessWorld, Infor CloudSuite and SunSystems, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more.  


Accounts Payable

End to end accounting intelligence

This is our core service, which enables clients to remove substantial proportions of their manual workload. Kanbina AP Invoice extraction is based on a highly sophisticated machine learning model so that manual entry is eliminated. The master data models, such as GL code matching are based on machine learning models built using your data. In this way the intelligence is highly targeted and specific to your accounting processes.


Bank Reconciliations

Use the power of AI to match Bank Statements to ERP transactions and classify breaches

Reconciliations are a critical control between bank cash transactions and those recorded in your ERP system. Differences due to in-transit, bank-initiated, data-errors, missing-entries, returned and transaction timings are balanced automatically using AI, and if differences exist, exception tasks are created. Kanbina Bank Recs will automate the process over 10’s or 100’s of bank accounts.

Accounts Receivables

Find the risks in your cash flow and initiate workflow to address them

Our Bank Reconciliation service means accounts receivables data is highly accurate and can be used to identify debtors who are at risk of paying late or not at all. Powerful machine learning models will continuously understand behaviours and flag up where your cash flow is at risk and initiate your ERP workflow. Your cash flows, and customer relationships will be enhanced as a result.


Revenue Growth using all your customer data

Connect ERP and CRM data to drive Sales tasks

This AI service will learn from your finance and customer relationship data to identify the best customer and customers to approach for revenue growth in real time. ‘Best’ will mean ‘high potential for cashflow’. Machine learning will take place daily, orchestrated by our AI platform and the results used to drive sales tasks, and marketing.


Custom Machine Learning  to suit your needs

Extend AI to address your business challenges 

Use our real time machine learning expertise to automate processing tasks such as VAT reporting, risk management, assurance and compliance reporting.

Kanbina can be commissioned to develop and train bespoke Machine Learning Models, enabling you to leverage the Kanbina AI platform to automate all of your data processing tasks, freeing you to focus on revenue growth.


Remote Implementation

Results from day 2

AI Invoice Extraction is working at day 2 in week 1 of an implementation.  There is then a further week to build machine learning models with your ERP data. Deployment, model build and training can be executed remotely. There are no changes required to any of your accounting processes, financial systems or data.


Costs, Performance and Resilience

70% cost reduction, 90% productivity and a Social Distance policy

Pricing can be based on either a cost-per-invoice basis or contracted as AI-as-a-Service. Some clients will require additional ML models depending on the level of manual interventions to remove in their business.


Develop AI Skills and increase your value add

Become a leader in AI for Accounting and Finance with our online training

Sign up for a practical understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its relevance in the finance function, including how to specify business requirements, identify relevant data, build and test machine learning models, deploy them into financial process systems, govern the accounting intelligence service in operations and how to work with, or direct a team of specialists on AI projects.


Developing leading edge Machine Learning Models

We carry out Accounting Intelligence R&D projects to improve our services

As a leader in the applied application of Machine Learning Models to finance and accounting we run our own R&D Lab. This Lab turns fundamental research in Machine Learning into practical applications and is part funded with research grants.  The Lab focuses on improvements to document and image reading, process-based automation and management-based decision making. These innovations help our customers leverage development funding and ML expertise to massively improve the accounting intelligence of ERP and finance systems.


Our extensive list of clients are making the move to Accounting Intelligence

The SystemsAccountants group have 25 years’ experience providing first class service to hundreds of clients in the Finance Systems domain. Kanbina is working with the SystemsAccountants Group client base to help them make the move to Accounting Intelligence. Please ask us for an accountant-to-accountant discussion with the finance departments of Huel, Habito or SystemsAccountants, or other users so you can understand the depth, knowledge, performance and exemplary support levels that are embedded in Kanbina.


About Us

Accounting Intelligence from SystemsAccountants

Kanbina is the AI division of SystemsAccountants, the world’s leading provider of specialist resource to deliver Financial Systems, ERP and EPM projects, Kanbina offers finance organisations the opportunity to use AI to leverage their ERP investments. Kanbina’s core software product is an AI services platform, which uses Machine Learning and High Performance Computing to remove human work in finance processes.

The Kanbina AI platform integrates seamlessly with any Cloud or On-Premise ERP application and enables up to 100% process automation.


The Kanbina Leadership Team

Experts at all things AI, for Accounting Intelligence


Director of AI Services

Ian Thomson

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