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Connecting Dots


Cash Receipting and Reconciliations

Accountants can now use AI to create cash transactions with no effort, at the press of a button, with reporting, auditability, and oversight.  The Cash Receipting and Reconciliation service does the work for you and enhances controls, accuracy, and governance.

Capture detailed knowledge about customer transactions, learn from month to month, enable fast and accurate recognition of revenues

Real Time Bank Statement and Ledger Feeds

Automatically get bank statements and ledger data in real time. Stop using time consuming csv files

Fast Cash Receipting

Kanbina makes recommendations on transactions to allocate to open AR invoices. The system will create the transactions, removing manual work and errors

Fast Reconciliations

Automatically match bank statement data to ledger data. Eliminate manual work and errors

Mitigated Queries

Kick off workflows for transactions in query. Fast resolution and easy traceability

Actionable Reporting

Reconciliation reports that show the status of current transaction automation, and new recommendations to action

Drill down Business Intelligence 

Act on a time series analysis by customers and accounts. Drill down to see the details

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