Kanbina enabled a de-centralised AP function to be centralised, virtually, with fast processing, no IT requirements, and real time management metrics

Customer Challenge

This global media company has multiple brands and operating divisions.  AP processing was decentralised, highly manual and time consuming, with many strong minded people protective of their process.

The challenge for the finance team was to improve AP across multiple companies, locations and tax jurisdictions.

In addition, new accountants tended to start their careers in AP. Management wanted to reduce the manual work and keying, to increase the level of accounting work, so that their jobs were in line with career aspirations and skills

Solution Provided

Kanbina AI machine learning platform automates AP processes, decisions and fraud checks and was ideal to address the customer’s requirements.

The set up that suited the challenge was to connect Kanbina to existing mailboxes across the globe and maintain separation between the AP teams.

Each team had the user interface configured to their requirements. 55 targeted machine learning models automated the decisions across these teams, end to end.

Kanbina provided a month of super support following go live so that any small issues were addressed quickly and the machine learning models achieved full robustness over this period

Impact of Solution

The AP function was transformed from a paper based, decentralised model complex, time consuming to manage, to a completely digital experience conducted on a web browser, with real time metrics, managed more effectively.

The data processing knowledge of people was transferred into machine learning models, always up to date, and with little training required when people moved on, removing a management burden.

Management now has complete oversight of how processes are performing at a global and local level, and as such can make further improvements.

The system required no IT support which reduced an internal cost.

Technologies Used

Kanbina Machine Learning Process Automation