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Our extensive list of clients are making the move to Accounting Intelligence

The SystemsAccountants group have 25 years’ experience providing first class service to hundreds of clients in the Finance Systems domain. Kanbina is working with the SystemsAccountants Group client base to help them make the move to Accounting Intelligence. Please ask us for an accountant-to-accountant discussion with the finance departments of Huel, Habito or SystemsAccountants, or other users so you can understand the depth, knowledge, performance and exemplary support levels that are embedded in Kanbina. Hyper Automation in Accounts Payable at a fraction of the cost of RPA. 

Accounting Intelligence from SystemsAccountants

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Kanbina is an AI software and Machine Learning services company focused on process and decision automation in Finance and Accounting. 


We are a partially owned subsidiary of the SystemsAccountants Group, the world’s leading provider of specialist resource to deliver Financial Systems,
ERP and EPM projects. 


Kanbina offers finance organisations the opportunity to use AI to leverage their ERP investments. Kanbina’s core software product is an AI services platform, which uses Machine Learning and High Performance Computing to remove human work in finance processes.


The Kanbina AI platform integrates seamlessly with any Cloud or On-Premise ERP application and enables up to 100% process automation.

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The Kanbina Leadership Team

Experts at all things AI, for Accounting Intelligence

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Ian Thomson

Director of Finance AI

Ian leads our overall AI products and services business, with a deep understanding of finance processes and artificial intelligence, bridging sales, services, projects, engineering and delivery.  Ian has a rich, broad and deep technology and business skillset with expertise in leading complex projects and programmes and bringing new services to life. Ian has led teams on programmes as varied as implementing new finance and risk operating models for investment banks, to designing and building control systems for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter. Along the way he has won awards in finance, risk management and cyber security, the latter from GCHQ.

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